Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

A limited company is required to fulfil certain responsibilities under the Companies Act; which include maintenance of statutory registers on Directors, Shareholders, Debentures etc. and filing an Annual Confirmation Statement etc.

At CWI Accountants we provide our clients with a wide range of Company secretarial services and assist with decreasing the extra burden it can pose on thriving businesses.

We also provide all-year-round company secretarial functions to assist you with legal trading, no matter where you are.

How Can CWI Accountants help you?

We offer an array of service packages to meet our clients’ needs.

Following are the services provided by CWI Accountants:

Company Formation Services

We ensure a rapid process in the formation of limited. We will build on an appropriate structure for the newly formed entity by making sure the following are executed:

  • We apply for your business bank account
  • Prepare online/printed share certificates
  • Prepare online/printed certificate of incorporation
  • Prepare online/printed minutes of the first board meeting
  • Provide bound memorandum & articles of association
  • All company documents are delivered via email to the company.

Maintenance of Statutory Books

  • We offer to maintain Statutory Books of trading companies
  • We keep Statutory Registers with us and update according to changes made in company’s management structure
  • Transfer statutory books into electronic format
  • Maintain people with Significant Control (PSC) Register
  • Prepare paperwork for any changes in shareholders/members and officers of the company
  • We provide our office address where all official documents are received and can be used as a mail forwarding service
  • We file the Annual Confirmation Statement, every year till the service remains active
  • Provide with Company secretarial due diligence and other disclosure requirements
  • Accounting reference dates can be changed as required
  • Registered address of companies can be changed
  • Officer addresses at companies House can be changed if required
  • Register appointment and resignation of directors and secretaries

Change of Company Name or Name swap

Name of the company can be changed by Special Resolution, or by other ways as specified in the Articles of Association.

You can change company’s name by simply applying on the Companies House website, but there are certain requirements that are needed to be fulfilled, without which there is no guarantee for successful change in name.

At CWI Accountants we can make arrangements for the company to change name and also provide the special resolution and Change of Name certificate.

We will reprint the Memorandum and Articles of Association along with new company seal.

Change of Share Capital

Our expert team of accountants provide tailored services that include increase, decrease, sub-division or consolidation of share capital. We assist our clients by preparing all resolutions and filings on their behalf. A freshly drafted set of Memorandum and Articles of Association are provided with any changes in share capital.

Purchase of Own Shares / Share buy back        

In a scenario where a shareholder wishes to sell off his shares in return for cash, and other shareholders not interested in buying the shares for various reasons, it might become difficult to find a third-party buyer.

In such cases the company can buy the shares from the departing shareholder at an agreed price, through the Purchase of Own Shares procedure.

The purchase should be made as first preference from the distributable reserves and if not available then from the capital. This can be arranged by CWI Accountants. We prepare all the required Minutes, Resolutions, and Contracts with a concurrent advertisement in national press as required by company law.

Re-Printing of Memorandum & Articles of Association

We provide our clients with reproduction of new sets of Memorandum & Articles, which will include all changes since formation for all UK registered companies.

Event Driven Company Secretarial Services

We provide services related to supporting paperwork of many complex procedures. Apart from your annual responsibilities, certain transactions may require documentation to be filed with Companies House.

Creation of Multiple Share Classes for Tax Efficiency

In General, a company has a single class of shares called ‘Ordinary’ shares and they give the holder full rights with regard to voting, dividend and capital distribution.

Under different circumstances it is better to have more than one class referred to as “Alphabet Shares’, this provides different shareholders with their rights.

Rights of different shareholders can be varied to achieve goals. Preference shares can be made to give investors a fixed dividend, and for those working for you, Employee shares can be made to give equity to staff with the condition of return in case the employee leaves.

We will assist you to not only vary the rights of shares using the Statement of Capital, but will also update Articles of Association that will cover rights and restrictions of the classes.  We also provide services for advanced share rights which include convertible and redeemable shares, drag and tag along clauses, mandatory transfers, as well as good and bad leavers.

Re-designation of shares will allow your company to declare a dividend for one class of share and not for the other class or with different voting rights.

Reorganization/restructuring of companies by incorporation of new entity or to remove any entity in structure that is not required which will ultimately save cost and company will become more tax efficient.

We will help with structuring of the share capital to different classes like promotor shareholders and employee shareholders with articles of association matching the various rights attached to those shares.

Dormant Company Maintenance

We offer a Dormant Company Maintenance service for dormant companies that have not yet started trade or need retention for name protection.

We maintain Statutory Registers at our office and file the Annual Confirmation Statement as well as Dormant Accounts for each year so that the service remains active and company stays dormant.

If the company wishes to make any changes in company structure, any supporting paperwork required will be charged.

Company Restoration

In case a company is dissolved which could be either with or without consent, any owned assets at the time of dissolution become vacant goods/ownerless property and are transferred to the Crown.

You can apply for a discretionary grant from the Treasury Solicitor to recover cash assets, but that amount is capped at 3000, where the company could be restored to register.

If the asset is a non-cash form or has a value of over 3000, then you will require to first restore the company and then claim your assets. In case a company has been dissolved by the Companies House due to failure to file or other compliance issues, then you can use the Administration Restoration method, otherwise a court order will be required.

Other services

We assist with a wide range of Company Secretarial procedures including share for share Exchanges, Re-registrations, share allotments, share transfers, rights and bonus issues, reconstruction of statutory registers and Shareholder’s Agreements.

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