Virtual Finance Officer

Virtual Finance Officer

At CWI Accountants, our expert team assists valuable clients with feasible business strategies that have a huge impact on business operations.

Our virtual financial officer reviews and analyses your business performance and add value to your business where gap is identified.

The benefit of having a virtual finance office far more outweighs the costs and benefits of having a full-time employee with similar skill set and experience.

Our services as your virtual finance officer include:

  • Deal with all statutory requirements of a company
  • Provide bookkeeping and management accounts services
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts and devise plans for implementation
  • Cash flow management to enable control over business finances
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns
  • Provide Payroll services
  • Assistance with opening of bank account
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Advice on the type of funding suitable for your business
  • Provide you with a detailed analytical review to highlight factors like pricing, out goings and overheads that impact your profit
  • Advise on Retirement and/or exit plan

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