Tax Inquiry Insurance

Tax Inquiry Insurance

Tax Enquiry Fee Protection

HMRC expects timely compliance with tax returns, and unpaid tax is dealt with in a strict manner. HMRC can randomly choose businesses and investigate even if there are no apparent discrepancies.

So much so that the number of people under investigation have doubled in one year. To top it, the number of self-employed people investigated has increased by four times, and annual prosecutions have alarmingly risen by seven fold in only a matter of three years.

Once under investigation the revenue inquires as to how computations are prepared and how tax payable has been derived. As your professional Advisor on taxation, we endeavour to represent you in the best possible manner and advise you though out the process of inquiry.

Benefit of Tax Enquiry Fee Protection

In order to protect are valued clients from the extra burden of unexpected and avoidable fees associated with investigative process, we recommend you opt for our specialist tax investigation fee protection service.

CWI As your Representative

Once you subscribe for our Tax Enquiry fee protection, you will be protected from paying any professional fees involved to present you in tax related investigation initiated by HMRC.

We do not include this fee in the regular client fees. We provide this service with a onetime payment for the year.

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